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Founded in 1962, the Civic League For New Castle County is an organization comprised of community civic associations, umbrella civic groups, good government groups, businesses, and interested individuals. The League provides a forum for education about, discussion of, and action on issues relating to the impact of government on the quality of life in New Castle County

Friday, May 31, 2013

New Castle County Government Update

Update: I just spoke with Tony Prado, NCC Communications Director who is looking into solving some of the problems outlined below.

This is good ~  New Castle County Government
If you see this sign posted, it means that there are NEW PLANS received & being reviewed in the County's Land Use Dept. Now, you can get an easy link to those plans each week right here!
NEW PLANS Received 5/23-5/29:http://tinyurl.com/cbk3nd5

But I think New Castle County ought to recreate the entire Saturday morning News Journal Department of Land Use notice on the county website: One Stop Shop.

So I took a spin around the various Boards' web pages and found a dismal lack of transparency from the Ethics Commission. No agenda posted, unknown next meeting time, place, date and the last minutes posted were from March. 

None of the status/map links are working on any of the DLU web pages so far examined this morning.

The last several Historic Review Board meetings have been cancelled for lack of agenda yet there are outstanding issues with the La Grange demolition permit from a year ago. I am waiting on a report from Jim Smith on this but I am pretty damned tired of holding my breath.

Of interest from the Board of Adjustment June 13th public hearing ~ 

South of Fieldsboro Road (The Enclave at Odessa), Townsend 19734TO BE CONTINUED TO THURSDAY, JUNE 27TH. THERE WILL BE NO PRESENTATION OR DISCUSSION OF THIS APPLICATION. Area variance to convert 22 unbuilt, twin dwelling unit lots to 22 village dwelling unit lots along Bilboa (14-012.42-026-029 & 032-035), Granada (14-012.42-012-015), Pamplona (14-012.42-008-011), and Carthage Courts (14-012.42-002-007) to facilitate the recordation of an associated land development plan: to provide 0 percent twin lots (10 percent minimum of any dwelling unit type). Enclavecap, LLC. S Zoning. CD 12. (App. 2013-0336-A)

0 River Road, Delaware City, 19706TO BE CONTINUED TO THURSDAY, JUNE 27TH. THERE WILL BE NO PRESENTATION OR DISCUSSION OF THIS APPLICATION. Area variances to maintain existing paving 0 feet from the property line at a number of locations along the site perimeter (10-foot other yard paving setback). DE City Refining Company LLC. HI Zoning. CD 11 (App. 2013-0372-A) TP 12-008.00-015

And here's what's on the docket for Tuesday night's Planning Board meeting. I have a separate post coming ASAP about the Walmart expansion. Stay Tuned ~

20130240D - East side Limestone Road (SR7), north side Sandy Drive and south of Kirkwood Highway (SR2)To amend a declaration of restrictions dated June 6, 1984 by Delaware Medical Group Properties when the property at 1941 Limestone Road was rezoned for office uses and a subsequent declaration of restrictions dated May 22, 1990 to expand the size of the medical building. The proposed amendment for Limestone Medical Center will permit the addition of parking spaces and paving along the front of the property adjacent to SR 7. A minor land development plan (2011-0690-S) is associated with this DR. ON (Office Neighborhood) zoning district. CD 1
20130128SZ - East side Centerville Road, southeast of exit ramp, north of Century BlvdExploratory Major Land Development Plan, Rezoning, and PLUS Review for Walmart Expansion – Price’s Corner proposes to rezone a 5.33 acre parcel from S to CR to build a 43,455 sf expansion and additional parking to the existing retail store. Ord. 13-036 will rezone 5.33 ac. From S (Suburban) to CR (Commercial Regional). CD 1

20120603SZ - East side Summit Bridge Road (SR 896), south of Porter Road and north of Howell School RoadExploratory Major Land Development Plan, Rezoning, and PLUS Review for Colony at Summit Bridge – East proposes to rezone a portion of the property to ST for a residential open space planned development option for 150 dwellings (39 single-family detached, 24 single-family twin units, and 87 single-family townhouse units). Ord. 13-037 will rezone 45.32 acres from S (Suburban) to ST (Suburban Transition) and will amend the Comprehensive Plan consistent therewith. CD 6
20120935S - South side Pulaski Hwy. (US 40), 0.3 mile west of Walther Rd./Glendale BlvdExploratory Major Land Development Plan for Rockwood Parcel 1A proposes to remove a 20 ft. wide sanitary sewer easement and build 45 apartment buildings with 438 units, 32 parking garages and associated improvements. NCap (Neighborhood Conservation - Apartments) zoning district. CD 12

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Civic League For New Castle County Meeting At 7PM Tonight - Senator Sokola Will Speak About Education And The General Assembly


Chuck Mulholland, President
Speaker: Senator David Sokola  
Topic: "Race to the Top" and other education issues under consideration in the Delaware State Senate
Location: The meeting will be in the Paris Community Room, Troop 2, 100 La Grange Avenue in Bear (MAP) at  7 PM tonight.