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Founded in 1962, the Civic League For New Castle County is an organization comprised of community civic associations, umbrella civic groups, good government groups, businesses, and interested individuals. The League provides a forum for education about, discussion of, and action on issues relating to the impact of government on the quality of life in New Castle County

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Civic League To Elect Slate Of Officers Tonight - 7PM In New Castle - Membership Renewal Time!

CLNCC meets at 7PM tonight ~
Chuck Mulholland, President
- Presentation by Community Services Division:  "Preventive Policing Program" of the New Castle County Police
- Election of Officers

The meeting will  be held at the Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building - 3601 N. DuPont Hwy, (Route 13), New Castle, DE (Map) 

 The League's Newsletter has some fantastic stories this month ~

  • Update on Workforce Housing
  • Farmland is N.C.C.'s Most Important Asset
  • How Our Friends in Dover Perfected the Art of Wasting Public Dollars
  • Nominees for Civic League Officers
 Click here to view newsletter [PDF]

The wasted public dollars in Chuck's essay (above) refers, in part, to unnecessary work being done by DelDOT contractors on Vance Neck Road near Middletown.......A few weeks ago, Chuck sent this along to the News Journal ~
Today a crew started ripping up intact road bed in front of my home, and replacing sections with new blacktop. As copied to you earlier in communication to DelDOT, many neighbors are loudly complaining about the waste of public money, given the construction activities east of me.

We took some photos of a few of the nearby areas marked for tomorrow's work, if you may use any of this for your watch on DelDOT and the continuing waste of public funds, or the $34M that they found and have to spend by the end of June. That's what was told to my neighbor by a road worker from Diamond Materials today.

We are excited about our slate of officers for tonight's election! 
William H. "Bill" Dunn - President
Mark W. Blake - 1st VP and Program Chair
Charles Stirk - 2nd VP and Editor of County Comments
Christine Whitehead - 3rd VP and Secretary
Scott Sauer - Treasurer 
If you like our work at CLNCC and want to support it and see it continue, please consider joining! Individuals, businesses and civic associations are all welcome. 
See HERE for [Membership Form - PDF]
  • Mail your payment to:
    Civic League for NCC
    c/o R. Romanelli, Membership
    109 Coopers Dr
    Newark, DE 19702 
- Pay using your Credit Card or PayPal account

Annual membership includes ten copies of the newsletter, County Comments, and one copy of the Membership Directory.
  • Individual & non-profit organizations, $25
  • Business -
    • 99 employees or less, $25
    • More than 100 employees, $50

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chancery Decision Goes To Save Our County And The Gordon Administration!

No doubt Stoltz will take this up a peg to the Delaware Supreme Court for an appeal but for now, lets savor the sweet victory!

From facebook ~ Tom Gordon
BREAKING: Stoltz Barley Mill Plaza - Vice Chancellor Glasscock has nullified County Council's vote, siding with Save Our County and the Executive Branch. This is a major victory for the people of New Castle County!